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Show Us Your ZR1

2013 #0252
Super Sonic Blue
American Racing Headers
Tuned by East Coast Supercharging
1st owner Bought New from Chuck Fairbanks Chevrolet in 2/2016003.jpg
Welcome aboard, Vettedawg2. :w Nice Z car! More pictures wouldn't hurt my feelings. :thumb And maybe some more details about it.
I am a NEW member and glad to be in here.

Bruce Blomfield built my motor on the ZR1 not what I put on the info I need to change it.
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New Owner From ZR1 2013

Corvette ZR1 2013 60Th


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Hello All!!! This is my "new to me" 2010 VY ZR1 3ZR with 6,775 miles. It will be in my garage sitting next to my 2008 VY Z06 2LZ Friday 02/1, weather permitting. The car is 9.9/10 showroom condition. I cannot wait until spring!! :happyanim:


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Welcome aboard! :w A beautiful ZR-1! Looks like it might be lowered just a little.

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