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Hello all you Silver Corvette owners. would you be interested in joining a contact list for other Silver eagles? Do you like the logo? Would you like to post a picture of your baby on our website? Would you like to have a shirt, static-cling decal of other Silver Eagle stuff?
If so;
The following info is what I need to add you to the Silver Eagles contact list;

-CorvetteActionCenter name
-Real name
-Email address
-State/country where you live
-Year of Corvette
-Phone numbers (optional)
-Snail Mail address (optional)

Once I receive this info, I will add you to the contact list. I periodically send out updates an notifications via email to keep everyone informed of our activities. We have over 210 members to date and look to keep growing!!


Brian O’Keefe
LT4SilverEagle on the CF
Our web site - http://corvetteforum.net/c5/silvereagles/

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