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Slow Starts


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Aug 11, 2002
Washington, PA USA
2004 Black Coupe
Since purchasing my 89 one year ago, it takes longer than I think is necessary to start. It does start every time, but seems to me that it cranks too much. I had a 90 with 27,000 miles and you just had to touch the key and it started. The 89 has 86,000 miles and has to turn over about 4 times longer. The engine runs and idles great. It does start quickly after it has been initally started. If you leave it sit for an hour, it takes the extra cranks then. I have replaced the injectors (There were two bad ones) new wiring, plugs, distributor cap. Cleaned the throttle body, replace the EMC. Replace the relay controlling the fuel pump. I check the fuel pressure when I turn on the key and it immediately went to 32 p.s.i. Anyone have any ideas?

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