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So Im back with some new stuff.


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Jun 14, 2010
New Jersey
1990 Polo Green Corvette
hey guys so for the past month I have been workin on the vette with my friends, and heres whats new.

-Removed AIR injection pump

-Removed A/C (replaced with TPIS AC bracket Pully)

-Replaced Heads with New ZZ4 aluminum heads, valves, 1.5 roller rockers(went with cast) and valve springs(discovered a crack between the walls of the exhaust ports on the driver side) and to finish up bolted some nice new "Chevrolet" valve cam covers :beer

-Flushed the coolant, oil change, tranny fluid(Lucas Oil)

-Installed a ATI PB600 supercharger(not tuned)

-New aluminum Transmission oil pan

So I have been busy with some stuff, and got a question with the gear ratio...again.

Depending on what tune I decide to go with(Possibly painless performance next spring) I want my vette to launch nice and hard and the supercharger to gradually pull a little on mid range. Should I keep the 2.59 gears or look for a 3.07(rear)?

The reason I'm asking is because I don't want to spin. I'm not familar with a 3.07 gear or any ratio than what I have now and the application to fill out at P.P requires very specific detailed info, and I'm not sure If I want to keep my stock rear :ugh Oh, and fuel injectors I'm looking to run a "safe" 6-8psi and not sure If I should upgrade.

Thanks again guys for all your help

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