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Hi All, Bought my 68` Last summer. Did alot of work to it but now it`s on the road. And Awesome at that. It Has a 350 (nom) but very potent. I Have the orig 327 on the stand. My question is.How can you tell solid lifters from Hyd w/out removing the manifold? It sounds as if the rockers are a little loose. I know that solids will be somewhat noisy. I bought the Car for $8500. And now it was worth every penny. I wish i could post a pic But i don`t have a scanner. I have Had a few other muscle cars. But nothing is quite like the vette. IM totally hooked. stares and thumbs up Daily. Thanks for reading and any info is app. SHARKY.


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Jul 3, 2001
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I am virtually positive with the valve cover on and a bright light, you can look into the lifter galley and see the upper part of the lifters. The hydraulic has a recess with a inner ring, and a clip snapped into the top of the lifter. The hydraulic are very simple, and just have the recess for the push rod to center on.

I would also imagine you could get a dial indicator and tighten the rocker beyond zero lash. The hydraulic will depress, where the solid will bottom out right away and start putting pressure on the valve spring.

Other than than, I honestly don't know how you would tell.



My solid lifters of my 427 CI block look exactly like hydraulics from the outside. Are the smal block solids different ?
They also have this snap ring, this to hold 2 shim like plates on the inside, they somehow guide the oil through the lifter to the
push rod recess.
Solid lifter rockers are very loose when piston is at TDC, so looking through the oil filler opening, you should be able to see a rocker.
Turn the engine and check if the rocker becomes loose.
If it doesn't, I'l say you have hydraulics.
Good luck. Gunther


It's easy. Solid lifeters make an unmistakable realtively loud clicking sound. Hydrauilcs don't. You might have one misadjusted hydraulic clicking, but you'll have 16 solids clicking!

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