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Spark plug gap??..



Im using AC rapid fire spark plugs(rf 10's) They came out of the box gapped at 35. I regapped them to 50 after doing ignition and airflow upgrades. (please see sig. below). I was told I could gap to 50 after the ignition upgrade but This seems like "alot" of increase to me. When running, the motor seems to like the way its tuned, but does anyone think 50 is to much gap for my SB? Would something like 45 be more stable??
Thanks in advance..
I use AC-44TX in the stock heads (soon to change heads and plugs) @ 0.060" with HEI and a 48kv coil. I've used poly on all my cars suspension and I think over the years the idea of them squeaking has been pretty much taken care of by the good companies.

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