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Speedo check



If you ever wondered if your speedometer was accurate and reading the correct speed you just need to borrow a hand held GPS from someone and take a ride. I have a Garmin GPS 12 and have checked it against a certified speedo and it is perfectly accurate. If the certifed speedo said 63 mph the GPS said the same, this was for all speeds checked. Its amazing how those things work.

I see you're in the area. When the rain stops, we need to get together and do a little speed check. :)
Other Speedometer checks


I used the same GPS method to check my boat's speedometer. It works great.

Another way to check your car's speedometer is by driving on a highway with mile markers. As you come to a mile marker note the tenths position on your odometer, when you come to the next mile marker the tenths position should be the same. Try it for 10 miles it should be exactly the same. I have to try the ten mile thing a couple of times because I keep forgetting what I was trying to do (I'm getting old).

And finally, if you have a stop watch (or a sweep second hand), slow down to 60 mph, start the watch at a mile marker (maintain 60 mph), at the next mile marker it should be exactly 60 seconds. You are traveling at one mile per minute.

Us Tampa area people really need to get together soon. How about a day, place and time?
Re: Other Speedometer checks

GreyGhost said:
...because I keep forgetting what I was trying to do (I'm getting old).

:L I am in the same boat, Al. :L

Ahhh, the syndrome returns...

I believe y'all are suffering from CRS.
Hubby suffers from it, too.
Also, selective hearing.;)

What'da say again.....


Selective hearing is an acquired talent, takes years to develop and countless hours to refine. And is NOT limited to being a "guy" thing. Hubby is my kinda guy. :D
Tampa group

Yeah a group meeting of Tampa area folks (or anyone else) would be nice if we can all remember the meeting time and place. Probably a weekend night at a restaurant for dinner might be nice. I'm ready and I know if it involves eating out my wife is all for it.

5 of us (65 coupe,69 conv.,71conv.,74 conv,78 Pace Car) cruised down Bayshore on night about a month ago. We talk about getting a curise together and stopping for a dinner, and a photo shoot. Maybe we can get something nice together.

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