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Sport Seat Lumbar Repair



I want to share this tip with those of you that have sport seats with the lumbar bladders that don't work... I finally decided this weekend I was going to find out what was wrong with those on my 87. The former owner of the car told me that the pumps were bad. Not wanting to pay $160. 00 for new pumps, I decided to find out for myself. Once I got the pump loose, (the three attachment screws to the seat base were a challange), I removed the access cover on the end, and sure enough, as I read in a number of threads on the subject, the little rubber diaphram was rotted causing the plunger to jamb the motor. I carefully slid the pump and plunger housing out of the out of the housing and hit the switch on each seat... both motors worked just fine. I splurged and purchased a pair of heavy duty rubber gloves ($2.50) and made new pump diaphrams per another thread I found. Put everything back together and... Success... Both seats work like new! Total investment, $2.50 and appx. 2 hours of my time...


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Jan 30, 2001
Hermosa Beach, CA
1987 Z51 Silver Coupe
I'll bump this back to the top so more people see that good old American ingenuity!

Thanks for the information John. :upthumbs


Good show!

Congrats on performing this repair yourself - quite rewarding.

One tip - you don't have to remove the entire pump - just the head end can come off with the four screws, then no trouble picking it out and up over the seat frame while pump is still in the car.

Total time - 1 hour for the first one, 1/2 hour for the second one.

The wife had to buy the new set of gloves!

Sarasota, FL

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