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squeakin' brakes



Help..... we have tried turning the rotors, new pads etc etc. and when I am toolin down the road the bleepin squeek comes from my 80, I apply the brakes and tada the squeak goes a way. Any suggestions? :w

I had this same thing happen. Here is what Im putting my money on.
The small rod that goes through your brake pads/caliper needs to be greased.
I had the same thing ...squeak squeak squeak, then as soon as I tapped the brakes the squeak would stop.

That rod slides around and squeaks.
Just slide it out, put some grease on the shaft and slide it back in.

Good Luck
you're kidding, right?

I have done the whole spectrum of squeek fixes on the '81 and it has always come back. I always blamed the pads, rotors, ect. I scuffed the pads, made sure they had insulators behind them, you name it. I will definately pull the pad pins and grease them before it hits the road this spring.


Nope...not kidding.....a little grease on the rod that slides through the pads did the trick.
Might as well put a little on the cotter pin also. :)
I think I used white lithium grease or something like that..I can find out when I get home tonight if you like.

Sounds like you probably know those brakes inside and out by now :D

Good luck,

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