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Stalls at idle and at cruise



Still not driving!! the car will start, idles for 10 minutes +/- than just stalls when I do get it on the road it will run ok, than stall at 40-50 mph, starts back up and runs ok until it stalls again.

I have changed the fuel filter, fuel pump, fuel pump relay, alternator, belt, both MAF relays, starter enable relay, starter,all three cats, y pipe, both mufflers, air & oil filter, plugs, wire, rotor and cap.

Yesterday I removed the plenum, checked the EGR vavle, all vacuum lines, cleaned the IAC, sprayed all connections with contact cleaner.

Started the car it idled for about 15 minutes and stalled, started right back up, took it for a ride went about 10 miles stalled at 45 mph, started right back up, turned around and went home. I also noticed that it would not go into overdrive when I pressed the shift button?

There are no codes

Any help would be appreciated!




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Feb 13, 2001
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When you replaced the pump?

Did you notice
a) Junk on the pick up sock... was it jammed up?

b) Sediment @ the bottom of the tank?

c) When it dies... what does the dash do?

d) Is the death sudden... or slow?

e) Do you smell anything...Odd?

f) Is it a time thing... could you drive for a bit or in the driveway same thing just dies Quick... or does it sputter before it dies?

Get a fuel pressure gauge... tape it to the windsheild and watch it.

Best guesses

a) Something electrical.... leaning Ignitor module or coil

b) Fuel pump is getting loaded @ pick up sock... once you stop the car... the sediment drops and clears.

c) A intermittant power link to the distrib.




Ground Problem

Found the problem, The ground wire for the fuel pump has a welded ground attached to the flange of the tank where the filler tube and pump enter the tank. This ground was bad, notice there was no pump noise when turning the key,replaced the relay, no voltage, intermittment problem, traced it back to the ground wire, started the car, grabbed the wire and moved it around the car stalled, left the wire alone, the car runs. fixed the ground, took the car to work today, 100 miles round trip with no problems.

Thanks again everyone


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May 1, 2002
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bdisanto -

I hope you did not replace all that crap looking for a cure to your problem. The shotgun approach is always the most costly way to go. I guess it keeps the aftermarket folks in business though.

Glad you found the problem..........sooner or later.............

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