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Starts/Sputters then Fine

Chris Kennedy

Well-known member
Apr 13, 2003
Houston, Texas

Just recently I have had an odd starting issue on my '89. I asked CorvetteForum and also thought to try here. When I have started the car after it has sat for about 5 hours or overnight, I occassionally have gotten a sputtering, low idle speed that causes the whole care to vibrate. Then, when I blip the throttle, everything runs great and the idle instantly returns to normal. Initially I was thinking it might be a fuel issue, but a mechanic suggested it might be the IAC valve/throttle body needs cleaning. Has anyone had this same problem? It's not a leaking injector, since I have done the test for that and it seems fine. I was thinking it might be a fuel pump relay, but then why does everything instantly get better when I blip the throttle?

/s/ Chris Kennedy

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