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Steering box


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Feb 20, 2002
Eksjo, Sweden
1974 red coupe, 1969 yellow vert
I'm removing my steering box from the car to rebuild it. I have removed the bolts, but how do I separate it at the flex coupling?
I have opened both clamps, but It doesn't seem to be enough room to separate the steering box from the steering column, do I need to loosen and pull back the steering column??

Also, when I put it back in, how do I ensure that the steering wheel ends up in the right position? It doesn't seem too easy to adjust the splines at the flex coupling, is it possible to do this at the pitman arm? Or should I just get it as good as I can, and then adjust it at the tie rod ends?


There is no need to remove the complete coupling from the steering shaft. The flex coupling splits in the center and is held on to the solid metal part of the steering column joint by two bolts. There is a spring keeper holding each bolt in the coupling so just remove the two nuts. The bolts are two different diameters so it can only be re-installed one way. The flex joint also has a flat spot in it that has to be aligned to the gearbox. The pitman arm is splined but there are also flat spots in both the gearbox and pitman arm that must be lined up. You can move the pitman arm on the gearbox but the location wont be right to line up correctly with the control valve.

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