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Steering Wheel Feedback


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Nov 22, 2001
colton, oregon, usa
'93 Black 6 Speed
I've noticed my vette gives a lot of steering wheel feedback in the corners of rough roads - compared to my f-bodies. It also almost seems like it 'walks' a little in the corner when there is a ripple, or bumps through the corner. I've taken a look at the suspension and everything looks good, is this a normal thing ? Or is this simptoms of something being worn out or miss-adjusted. The car only has 55,000 miles - I wouldn't think there could be to much wore out already..

Thanks for any input.


When I purchased my 85 I had the EXACT same problems and concerns. I almost wrecked it on a road that had those truck wheel ruts in the road. The car will ride up on one or the other side of the ruts. I was in one of those barraced construction zones just wide enough for a truck. I almost S#!% my self as it was going for the barraced. The car gets weird when going over those things because of the wide tires. I had it aligned and it didn't help. VETTE Brakes has improved alignment settings that were suppose to help in those situations. It did just a little bit.

I also found out the HARD WAY that it attempts to do the side step in "wash board areas" during a turn! SCAREY!!! I inspected everything, had it aligned and then just learned to live with it and expect it. Coil overs are suppose to take care of that problem! :)

Drive the car carefully for a while and get use to all of the idiosyncrasys of the C4's

I have a C5 and it has it's own idiosyncrasys that I have to get use to!!

Bill C

Be VERY CAREFUL if you let someone else drive your car, It could be a very expensive learning expierence $$$$$$.
Thanks Bill,

It seems like it is just the way the car handles, it doesn't act like there is anything wrong - it's just real different than anything else i've owned/driven. I haven't had any real trouble with ruts per say (anymore than any other car anyway) but your description of the washboard side step is EXACTLY what I'm talking about.

You will get ues to it and soon you will be hanging out the rear power sliding it through the turns!!!! :) :) You will learn VERY QUICKLY what it will and will not do and be able to predict it!

Have Fun and drive safely!

Bill C

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