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Stereo/Speaker Removal



The next project on the 99 Hardtop is to replace the stock non-Bose Delco Stereo Cassette & Speakers. I have plenty of experience installing stereos... my questions:

1) How do I remove the plastic surround that covers the stereo, heater/AC, console, ignition, etc...?

2) How do I remove the door panels to get at the front speakers?

Once I figure these two items out I'm ready...

HI there,
Ok, instructions are as follows.
Lift the center console. Pry up the TCS switch with a flat blade screwdriver from the underside. Disconnect, and remove the switch. Under that, there will be 2 10mm nuts, which should be removed. At the back of the center console, you will see 2 black trim pieces, about the size of nickels, pry them up, and underneath, you will see 2 more 10 mm nuts. Remove them.
After, lift up the back of the console, and slide it back, just past the studs, to lift the console up, you will see a wire that supplies your fuel door release switch, disconnect that, and you can remove the console. Remove the ash tray, and pry out the grill just to the left of the ignition switch. Behind both, you will see 2 T15 torx screws, remove them. IF you have an auto, you can just lift up, and pull out the entire bezel from around the radio, nad the shifter. IF you have a stick, you can lift it up, and slide the boot inside the trim bezel, and remove it.
Once there, you should see 7mm screws that hold all the accesories behind the panel.
Door panels are a little more difficult. As you must first remove the bezel around the door handle, with a very small flat blade screwdriver, as you will see slots there, where you pry. Then, remove the plug behind the pull handle, as there will be 2 7mm bolts to remove. Once that is done, you will have to pry out the window switches, drivers from the bottom, and the passengers from the top. ONce this is done, you will be able to pry out the door panel. Just remember, it is not easy, and requires a very gentle touch, otherwise you could damage the door panel.
As for the rest, have fun, besttoyou, c4c5:hb
Thanks for the info... I'll probably give it a try in the next couple of weeks...

The new stereo is in, all went well. Your instructions were very helpful!!!


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