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still worth it



well,, I still haven't replaced the carb yet.I am still looking for a tach drive distributor,,after replacing three brake calipers one is leaking,, now I find that I need to rebuild the rearend.

Oh Well:s
If it was easy, everybody would have one!
I just finished removing my timing chain to verify that I had installed the chain and gears correctly (I had).
That's the way it always is

So, what's the problem with the differential? Do you have to do a complete rebuild? Are you looking for an aftermarket distributor or are you just missing the tach drive? I was going to try o-ringed calipers, but I really want to find something that will bolt up and offer greater performance. I don't ming using some sort of bracket adapter if I have to. I'd love a pair of Brembos or AP Racing calipers, but then again, I don't have a couple of grand to lay down for them. --Bullitt
Like a wise man once told me.

"hang in there buddy" (I think that was you)

Garin you have an awesome car. I would be so proud to have that machine gracing my garage. The way people were looking at that little red rocket shooting through traffic was priceless. Those moments make it all worth while to me.

The good news about the rear end, is it still works, and is not making any bad noise. So, unless you get serious about doing some competition driving, you may never notice the little posi problems.

Brakes are brakes. Show me a C3 that does not have brake problems, and I will show you a C3 destine for some very soon!
I hear ya bro,,,brakes is brakes:J

I think it may just be a bad line on the right rear and these are easy to find replacements for.The rear end ,,I think I am going to rebuild the clutch pack and bearing seals.

You may be interested in this. The wife and I were at Sears at the Regency Mall and I bought some more tools.I got a new floor jack butttt!!! it came with two free jack stands and a free creeper.
Maybe not the best quality but heyyy,, for FREE:TALK
69MyWay said:
Brakes are brakes. Show me a C3 that does not have brake problems, and I will...

Hopefully you'll teach 'em how to upgrade their brakes Chris. ;)

69MyWay said:
Brakes are brakes. Show me a C3 that does not have brake problems...

Tell me about it. I think I'm gonna have to install a rubber wall in the garage to stop mine.

- Eric

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