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stock bose gold



what would be the best aftermarket radio that will hook up to the bose gold system, the reason for this is i am wanting to put some subs in the back of my 94 and i would like to use a/v hookups to do this,unless there is an easier way to do this??? could you do this and keep the stock radio in it?? if i do have to get a aftermarket radio which one will hook up the easiest and make it compatable with the adjustments i want to make



Bose gold

Frankly, Bose just doesn't cut it given the sophistication of a Corvette. My first vette was an 87 roadster and the first mod I made to the car was to trash the Bose. There is so much more quality audio out there. There is nothing finer then the rumble of pipes and a great stereo. I just purchased a 96 LT1, pulled my gear out of the 87 and am having it all installed this week, can't wait. Find your self a quality audio dealer (i.e. NOT Best Buy). They will be able to set you up with very nice equipment within your price range, professionally install, including sub cabinets based in your needs and they will be able to return the car to stock when you change cars. Trash the BOSE

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