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Yah, this 100+ degree weather really sucks. I don't feel like doing anything but sit at the computer...

We're moving out to CA in March of 2003. The only older car I'm bring out there with me will be my Mako. It's a 73. With Hooker Header side-pipes. Will I be able to drive that on the streets? :)


It's been over 100?!

My outside temp guage on the patio reads 90, with about 50-80% humidity most days.
Husband's outside air temp guage on his suv says 93 has been the highest we've seen....and I LOVE GA's WEATHER! Except for the few days of snow we saw early in the year, but I think that was just WA saying 'good-bye' to us with a final hurrah of flurries!

Coming from the San Joaquin Valley (south of Sacramento and Stockton, east of San Francisco) I like the humidity. I purposely don't use the AC because the humid air feels good on my skin as I'm driving. I've also taken the t-tops off! (something I never did in CA!)

GA is a beautiful green all summer, compared to CA's brown shortly after spring.
My biggest adjustment...learning to understand what the he!! the native Southerners are actually saying! The accent threw me, big-time! Still gets me, but not as bad as when we first moved here.
I will stop and get gasoline at an expensive mom & pop store if I see this one guy working the pumps...he still cracks me up with his accent! I don't understand half of what he says, but I love the way he sounds when he's sayin' it! Maybe one of these days, I'll get used to his fast-talkin'-Southern accent and be able to actually converse with him, instead of just nodding my head and saying "yup".

djunod, I'd check...but I'm pretty sure your 73 may be considered an off-road vehicle only, and not registerable for street driving. Someone chime in with more knowledge than me, please?


We're in Augusta area. My wife's outside temp showed 103 today. All week it has been right around there (today was the hottest).

Here at home it was 97 (mild shade where the temp sensor is). I work out the house so don't get out much in the heat.

The humidity is good for keeping the skin elastic (keeping away wrinkles) and for keeping the eyes wet (good for contact wearers).

I lived in Mountain View for 5 months in 2000, and really enjoyed the weather. There's good & bad about both.

I'm pretty sure I'll have to trailer the Mako to any shows we go to out in CA. I'll certainly miss driving it (haven't really driven it in about a year now though, other then in the driveway).


From the California Bureau of Automotive Repair web site:

If you are moving to California from another state, you may register a new federally certified vehicle if it was first registered by you in your home state, or for military personnel, in the state of your last military service. When applying for vehicle registration in California, you must provide evidence of your vehicle's previous registration. A temporary operating permit is acceptable proof.
Smog Check For Out-Of-State Vehicles: All gasoline-powered vehicles, new or used, being registered for the first time in California must pass the California Smog Check. A vehicle will fail the California Smog Check if it is not equipped with the originally required smog control devices. Special Registration Situations: California has special requirements for vehicles: imported from a foreign country by an individual (Gray Market); imported from Canada; specially configured; or with engine modifications.
It may be very costly and in some cases impossible to modify these vehicles to meet California emission requirements. For example, gray market vehicles less than two years old are not legal for registration or use in California.

For More Information: For more information on California residency and vehicle importation information, contact the California Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV), Foreign Vehicle Information Unit, at (916) 657-8551


One more quote:

Not all vehicles must get a Smog Check. Additionally, some vehicles only need a Smog Check when they are being sold or being registered in California after previously being registered in another state. Whether or not a vehicle needs a Smog Check depends on the type of vehicle, the model year, and the area in which the vehicle is registered.

Some vehicles are completely exempt

All 1973 and older model year vehicles are exempt from all aspects of the Smog Check program, but owners of these vehicles are required by law to keep their emissions systems intact. Vehicles built in 1973 for the 1974 model year are 1974 vehicles and must be tested accordingly.

Additionally, vehicles with diesel engines, vehicles with two-cycle engines, vehicles with engines smaller than 50 cubic inches of displacement, electric vehicles, and motorcycles are exempt from the Smog Check program.


I guess the safest bet would be to call the phone number in my post above. They can provide 'for sure' answers. However, it looks as though it has to pass and initial inspection before becoming exempt.

Let us know what you find out.

Aug 29, 2001
Norcross, Georgia, United Stat
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One thing that came to my attention is that even though a car becomes exempt from emissions testing does not mean that it is not required to have the original emissions equipment on it. The people I have talked to mention EPA requirements, which would be a Federal thing and not state specific.


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