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Storage Compartment Door Trim


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Jul 31, 2004
Seattle, WA
2003 50th Anniversary Coupe
Does anyone have experience replacing the carpet in the storage doors? I'm working on an original 1975 car. I removed the trim from the three doors after drilling out the eight (two on each edge) circles. I say circles because I don't know if they were made of plastic or if they were resin or some type of glue. Anyway, I'm ready to put the trim pieces (the trim that surrounds each door and hold the carpet in place) back on the doors.

What I need to know is what are the "circles" made of? Are they plastic pins that are glued in place? Are they epoxy that was poured into the holes after the trim was installed? Does anyone know? If they are plastic pins does anyone know where I can get them?


Thanks in advance. :w

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