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Suspension Pictures



They are just about finished with the install of my new off-set trailing arms, brakes and such. Thought ya'll might like to see a few pic's I went by and nabed this morning. I should be able to pick her up on Monday. Can't wait!

Off-Set Trailing Arm Setup

- This first shot is the T-arm and new rotor looking back

- This is the one you'll really want to see - its a view from underneath showing the off-set really well

- Here is a close up of the off-set

- New dog bone

New Calipers on New Front Rotors

- Straight on

- Inside frontal view

Gotta Luv It!:D


Wheel Off-Set in Relation to T-Arm Off-Set

Almost forgot - you may all know this, I didnt and had a huge Ah-Ha after looking at the setup. The off-set arms do not move the mount points for the wheels in at all. I had been thinking all along that it would bring the wheels and tires inboard 2 inches. Not possible with the stock spring setup or the frame rail.

It just gives you a 2 inch inset where the tire will be to provide more room for fatter tires. The wheel question really gets down to, I believe, a 10 inch wide 15 inch tall stock rim getting into the spring and possibly the frame.

Guldstrand offers a shortened spring setup to run a wider stock wheel, but it could still get into the frame rail.

I still plan to go up to at least 275's on the stock rim and if I get a chance will test a 10" rim and let you know. I still would like to run the 295's and may try them first.

I'll get back to you all on this one.



That does look great, you've been busy.

I must admit thats what I thought the offset trailing arms were all about is being able to put wider RIMS and tires on.

Nice job!



You can put wider rims and tires, however they would have to be bigger than 15" rims. Probably 17" or 18" would be fine and clear everything except the inner frame rail. That would be something you would have to experiment with. OR :bang


When I got my off-sets, I was disappointed in the finish that VB&P puts on them. The edges started to fade off, so some POR-15 was used to clean them up. What I do like about them is that they will never rust from the inside (C-channel) and that they are stronger than the stockers with more room to boot. Another thing that I've found by doing my own work is that the stainless steel shims everyone sells, are not enough in my opinion. There are too many smaller sizes (thickness) and not enough bigger ones. With the off-set trailing arms, perhaps this is more of a problem than a stock set-up would encounter.


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