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Suspension spring question



I have a question cocerning the springs on my 79. what is the unsprung height of the springs. The reason that i ask is that there is about 3" or more spacing between the fender well and the tire. Mind you that the tires are 245/60r15's. The rear seems fine and just put in a composite spring.

New bushings from energy suspension was put in the rear and front. The mechanic tightened the arms with the car lifted leaving the A-arms in a hanging position. I told him that he needed to let the car down, loosen the arms and let it sit for a day so that it could set right. Well two days later he pulled out the shocks and with the arms loose pushed down on the front but the same height remained. He thinks that the springs are seated in the wrong place or they are not the orignal springs and might have to cut a few inches.

Can anybody help!

Make sure that the springs are seated right first and then go from there, if that doesn't fix the problem. The last coil should fit into a bit of a notch on the lower a-arm. --Bullitt
your right!

You were right bullit

Upon further inspection, after removing the shock in the front and looking up through the spring you could see where the spring was suppose to be seated. Its precompressed about 2 inches which is exactly what is needed for it to be at the right level.

Glad I could help you out, sscam69. Did you do the fix yourself or did you take it back to the shop? Oh by the way, that'll be $50 for diagnosis. :L --Bullitt
When I went back and the mechanic figured out what he did wrong. Hey get that he admitted he messed up! I would do it but I don't have the tools, money or time. It would be cheaper just to pay him, acutually he is fixing his mistake.

I hope my gratitude is enough!

sscam69, consider yourself lucky that you have a mechanic who admits his mistake and is fixing it right. Lately, some other forum members have not been so lucky, finding themselves with higher bills than they had planned for. BTW, your gratitude is appreciated.

I've been wanting to ask you about El Paso. How is the 'ol city? The last time I was there was for my grandmother's funeral. As a kid, we used to drive over there from Houston and man, was that a drive! There are few things as beautiful as the sunsets over the Rockies. I used to love the snowball fights with my brothers waking up in a house without central heat, feeling the ice cold tile under your feet and the wonderful breakfasts she used to make will stay in my memory forever. :) --Bullitt
actually the bill did turn out higher than expected and it has taken wwwaaayyyy longer to! But its all good, the mechanic does not want to give me the car until he has done the job right.

What happened was he took the car for a cruise to test the new front shocks and the new spring and shcocks in the back. He said that the front did not feel right and that it was to hard. He took a look at it and figured it out.

Guys like these are hard to find, you know the kind that don't care about the money but that the job is done right. Even though this car has cost me more to fix that i expected the mechanic is actually on the losing end because he is not making any money off of this job anymore. if anything he has lost money! He has also had a lot of patience with me and the car. he is the only mechanic and works on 3 or 4 cars simultaneously. He says he doesn't really trust anybody. He has help but they do little jobs, he always puts the finishing touches.

El Paso is really nice right now, you don't really need a jacket but its cool outside. Yeah i wake up to cold tile everymorning. It has not snowed for the past 2 yrs, at least not enough to have a snowball fight.


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