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suspension upgrades for 68-82


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Feb 13, 2002
mobile,al,united states
Black 1976 STINGRAY cpe, T-tops
Has anyone tried any racing suspension kits from any companies. i know mid america carries a racing suspension, but i do not know of any results from the sus. being used. if anyone has any info it would be much appreciated. please only respond if its about a racing suspension. thanks
Can't say from actual experience, but have been told the polyurethane bushings will greatly improve the handling and performance of your suspension. Mid America has them, but Muskegon Brake, Ecklers, and many others do as well. The components I found most intriguing are the polygraphite bushings and components from Performance Suspension Technology (www.p-s-t.com) These people are the only ones to offer the polygraphite I have found and may be able to better answer any questions.
I think the Mid America kit is actually made by Vette Brakes and Products. If so, VB&P is probably cheaper. I just purchased used race quality camber rods (strut rods) with heim joints made by Guldstrand Engineering. Should hold the rear camber far better than stock. Very heavy duty stuff. Funny thing is that I don't race at all. My side yokes are worn, yet I don't have plans to rebuild the rear suspension for some time. I needed a way to align the rear until the rebuild, and my stock strut rods are bent. The heavy duty camber rods will allow for great adjustment.


GoodDay Mate

I have talked with several people that went to the VB&P mono performance pluss($1800.00) {U.S} set up they all claim a much better and "quicker" ride this is the route that I plan to take and I am also setting my 77 up for SCCA events I love to road race and make long road trips so I am looking for a good ride and something that handles better than stock . Everyone seems to claim that this mono system is far better than coils I called VB&P and talked with a tec and he help me decide on what would be best for my life style you should do the same. It sounds as if you would be happy with the Mono set up. Good luck

I used to spend some time down your way {mid 1980s}I jumped(para) at a club down around the Foley area, dove(s.c.u.b.a.) down off p-cola and dalphin isle, drank :drink many a cervasa at the FloraBamma, judges/judge roy beans and poor richards, chased shileas:booty on souths (USAs) campus and at the skull house ran a few 10Ks and had a good time in general you have a great state and good town,I enjoyed my stay and hope to make it back someday. :_rock

I dont really care about ride quality. i am mainly gonna use the car for scca events. so if you have any info on that. please let me know. and i play baseball for south alabama. if you are ever down this way in your vette, i might give you a shot at my 451hp 76 vette.
Well bro

Chile-- is WAY down south soooo... I would be UP your way,Not down.. That may happen in a year or so & I would LOVE to drive your car.. 450 HP must be a blast I bet MPD just loves you!! I used to lift with a guy that played ball for south then went pro and played for the *Astros*.. I also used to spar and run with a lot of the track & ball players at south. I had a great time their you are very lucky south and LA are a great place!! I miss the town a lot . Enjoy my friend..

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