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TECH ARTICLE: An example of AE (pumpshot) settings for a Crossfire / L83


Mar 2, 2002
Dark Blue 1982 Trans Am(s): Polo Green 1995 MN6
First off, I am not anywhere near an authority on tuning. I'm no where near close! :thumb

That said... in the interest of the hobby, I share what little I know in the case someone else can apply it because there are no GM L83 BINs available to compare or start from.

For those of us who are still using the L83 platform, this might be helpful- AE (Acceleration Enrichment) settings.

AE is like pumpshot for an EFI motor and is a setting that momentarily shoots more fuel into the intake to compensate for changes in demand and to prevent from leaning out during transitions from cruise to WOT, engaging the passing gear, etc.

The L83 intake- as well as the Renegade or ported OE intake- is pretty open inside of it and has a lot of surface area. It is my understanding the shape of and amount of surface area inside (design of the intake) contributes to the fuel requirements for momentary AE. In all many things come in to play... intake design, cam, heads, the VE table, and many other settings play a role in AE settings... but for this example I wanted to point out the differences between my set up and a 5.7 Caprice engine with the OE dual plane.

TPS AE hits first and then MAP AE fills in after. Crossram intakes like the renegade are routinely said to need a lot of MAP AE and my tune confirms this. Conversely, because there is a lot of surface area on the intake, I use a little less TPS AE. My sense of it is that my cam immediately sucks the fuel that lines the surfaces off (TPS AE) and then the needs more fuel during MAP AE to cover & fill in.

I am using Dynamic EFI's EBL Flash ECM and its settings are likely a little different from other ECMs, but I think the general direction of AE and how I set it is applicable to other systems that offer AE tuning.

Again, sharing this because there are NO GM 1982 OR 1984 BINs TO OBSERVE settings on.


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