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Texas Callaway?

Dec 19, 2003
Grand Rapids,Mi
89 White Cvt/Hdtp 89 Callaway #59
I have started some history research on my Callaway and it shows as having been registered in Colleyville and Hurst Tx. in 1997. 1989 Medium blue-blue interior-white convertible top. Just wondering if anybody remembers it or knew owner?? Was shipped to Hawaii early 1998! Car had 9,000 miles at that time. Pretty obvious this thing as way more transport miles than driver miles!! Thanks in advance Ike :)


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Feb 18, 2002
How many owners has your car had??

I was fortunate enough to talk to owner #1 from a small town in OK, before I bought - he said it went through about 8 batteries in the years he owned it - Had 1,600 miles in about a decade -

Other than that, not much else was shared. I am the 3rd owner of that one...

The black one, I am owner #4 - apparently, it was an Illinois car for the first two years, then in 1991, it headed off to the big island, and remained for the next 14 years :cool

The Original owner of my SNAT, is from TX. I am the second owner of that car, and talked to the guy one time - he said it was a great car - I agree :cool

Good luck w/ the search - sometimes you get lucky and discover a wealth of info - other times, you don't :crazy

...reminds me of the orig. owner of my Grand Natl. from Brockton - Guy said he had ALL SORTS of paperwork, etc. from when the car was new - said he would send it, postage due - I agreed.

11 years later, I still haven't seen it :ugh


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Aug 2, 2005
Dallas, TX
Unfortunately I didn't live in Dallas at that time, but I haven't heard anything about it. The only Callaway I've seen in Dallas is a black C4 with aerobody.

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