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THANK YOU Bob Lutz...


Black Ice

Thank You for using your "good eye" and common sense when approving our C6!! Thank You for not just approving what was there. I can't express how important it is to get C6 RIGHT even at the cost of delays. Finally Thanks to the Board of Directors for bringing Bob Lutz on board to GM. I have hopes for great products to come. R.K.
What do you think now that he is a vice chairman? He is a pure car guy and I think that you will see some very positive changes at GM. I expect that there will be a Viper Killer Corvette in the future and you can bet that there will be a big block in the works.


Personally, I'm hoping to see an influx of enthusiasm into GM from him. I've never met him and know nothing more about him than what I've read in the media, but based upon that, he sounds like a an enthusiastic car guy who loves to take a few risks and try new ideas. I think some of the platforms need that. In all honesty, other than the Y and F-body platforms, there isn't anything else currently produced by GM (other than maybe the Cadillac), that grabs my attention and makes me say...."now that is a nice car".

In some ways, it's been like this for me for a few years now. Although I've always been "Corvette Proud", I also used to be "Bowtie Proud". Some of that pride waned over the years due to quality and design issues that I experienced with some of the other platforms. In a lot of ways, this can be seen in my purchase of a new '98 Ford F150 pickup back in '98.

Before then, I would never have beem caught dead behind the wheel of a Ford product. But the first thing that caught my eye was the design of the Flareside model with that cool Tonka-Truck look and then the reviews started coming in about how great a truck it was as opposed to the competition. It took me a few months of going back and forth to the Chevy and Ford dealers before I made my decision, but at the time, Chevy's trucks were just not......"inspiring" me if you will. To this day, I never regretted my purchase decision.

Well.....I want to be "inspired" again. I want to see some cool design changes across the platforms. Instead of reading about how great European automotive quality and reliability is, I want to read how great GM quality and reliability is.

Please don't get me wrong. I am not slamming GM here. They are the largest automotive manufacturer in the world and after reading All Corvettes Are Red from James Schefter, I have a much greater appreciation for how they are able to actually do what they do given their corporate size. But like all large corporations...the air within the building sometimes starts to stagnate and it takes a strong willed, excited, enthusiastic visionary to instill fresh air, new ideas and new ways of doing things to wake everyone up in that building and clear the air. I'm hoping that Bob Lutz is that man.

does anyone have a pic of the next gen Vett????
people who run car companies shouldn't call them "Units" or "the product" it's a car not chocolate bars or coat hangers. If you don't understand that, then why are you working for a car company?
Im glad to see Lutz get back into action. If he is as successful at GM as he was a Chrysler, maybe then the Big three(or Two) will start to foster those kind of people instead of "yes men" and bean counters..ARG rant over
What's nice to see is that someone on the board realizes how important it is having a "car guy" in charge instead of an accountant like GM has had in the past. I really think Lutz can change GMs direction. Having him just walk through the door and say he isn't happy with Corvette, tells me he has some balls and is not afraid to step on some toes. This is good. :_rock
I agree. I ordered my convertable with a 1SA pkg. The dealer just about fell over. I hate that dumb dual climate control so much it was worth it to me to sacrafice a few things. I don't miss them at all.

Unfortunately for Daimler-Chrysler, they forgot what brought Chrysler back to prominance. It was a car guy in Lutz and not the likes of a$$holes like Eaton who were always jealous of losing the limelight. If you read more on the ways that they screwed Lutz in the merger with Daimler, you'll better understand what is motivating Lutz at GM. The name of the book is "Taken for a Ride" by Bill Vlasic and Bradley Stertz.

He basically brought the company back by re-attaching the company with their heritage in performance, styling and racing. Chrysler lost money selling cars like the Vipers and Prowlers. What they gained were corporate marquees that built a tremendous brand identity for performance and styling.

Lutz can and will do the same for GM (or he will die trying). Car guys like Lutz are a real rare breed in today's world of neutered corporations that are being run into the ground by bean counters. Look at companies like DEC, Xerox, HP, Polaroid, Pan Am, TWA and a multitude of others. Lutz will bring passion back to the automotive giant GM, and make people want to come to work because they are appreciated by the car people. May God help you if you are a bean counter or politician at GM, because there won't be many places to hide.

I cannot wait to see the new and rejuvenated GM kick some royal a$$.

Have a great weekend.

Yep, The next 5 years will be exciting times at the General with Lutz there. :s

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