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Thank You Yoda! (rare81)




A great big thanks goes out to you for all of your effort and dedication to the registry and the Action Center!!! I know that we were all a bit dissapointed in the so called "Sharkfest" but you and Blackdog did a great job at keeping us busy and not allowing us to get to bent out of shape with the NCM!!

For all that do not know, Bud went to some considerable expense to get the L81 merchandise out to B.G. and he had some miserable luck in selling some of the stuff. So Please if you have not purchased your L81 stuff yet, Do it soon.

I know that Bud is going to be mad at me for this but I cannot, not do this. Bud put most of the money in for the brick and it is great looking one at that!!! With that said and the considerable expense that he went to, with the L81 merchandice, I am going to urge everyone to send a donation to Bud to make up for the monies that he has spent.

Bud, I know that your are going to be mad at me for that, but you will get over it.

We Love you MAN!!!!:beer
As always good job!!!!



Way to go Trent! I agree, Bud has done more than he should have so I'll be sending a donation....so don't complain Bud just accept it or I'll send Brutus to visit you :D BTW, I got my stuff and you should have a check waiting for you at home...sorry it was late but Bob made me drink too much beer and go to Hooters too much :L

Let me guess, that same little weasle stiffed you guys again?


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Nov 2, 2000
The Land of Enchantment
In the market
trent81 said:

Bud, I know that your are going to be mad at me for that, but you will get over it.

As the saying goes, "It's easier to get forgiveness, than it is permission.":)

I'm glad you guys had fun. And hey, there is always next year.:)

Apr 29, 2001
Rio Rancho, NM
1981 HD Suspension; ZN1 Option

Awsome pair of L81 members!

Everyone was very kind, friendly, and generous with me. Although I did not have my own 81 Vette there (for Mechanic's reasons), I felt like a member of the group, and I enjoyed this past weekend very much. This includes members of the CAC who partook in the fun activities, and my thanks go out to them as well. Trent, a big "thanks for the ride lady!" goes out to you. The trip to and fro the Museum in your mint L81 was memorable and you took me under your wing.

However, among all that great camaraderie and good times, Bud and Jeff shined their best with everyone in the group. Bud did make sure that everyone had a good time there. He organized consensus on what everyone there wanted and guided his attention and energy to make us feel at home and welcomed. No specific agenda was pressed by him. Jeff (Blackdog) had a natural way of sharing his fun personality (and culinary/bar tending skills - lucky us! :beer) with everyone there. He is an expert in dividing his attention equally among everyone, and I feel that he contributed to the overall "good feeling" that most everyone experienced :BOW. I appreciated both of their leadership styles, and to me it seemed that they only cared about the enjoyment of our stay at BG. Bud, Jeff -thanks!

All I need to know is where to send my donation! ;worship

p.s. Thanks for understanding my early return to New Mexico

Tom Bryant

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Nov 9, 2000
Edgerton, Ohio, United States
1959 black 270hp (9/2/69) 1981 Beige L81(10/20/80)
Many thanks to Bud for his tireless effort. Without his dedication to the L81 Registry we wouldn't have had the great time we had. Bud worked so hard even after he arrived in BG that I honestly felt he didn't have much time to really have fun. I know that he was proud as a new papa of the L81 Registry brick and the good turnout of members we had.

Even when he should have had time to relax he worked with the great staff at the Ramada who, by the way, treated us like royalty, to put together an excellent prime rib dinner for Saturday night. Kudos go out to the staff and chef at the Ramada for working late and putting in extra effort at every point throughout the weekend to make sure we had everything we needed.

Thanks also to Black Dog. He kept the party rolling all weekend long. Running 2 blenders ( 6 speeds with pulse no less) and keeping them sorted out as to what he was concocting in each (usually) was a major task. If anyone is missing a can or two of octane booster I know where it went.

Twigit. I have a pic I'll be posting in the LT4 Forum that I think you will like.

Also there will be a new thread with the Brick and the L81ers and a suprise for Bud coming in just a few minutes.



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Oct 15, 2000
Bowie, MD
Vette-less for now
Got a check in the mail this weekend. Use it for anything you need to. Bud..... one are numero uno! Bravo.

............ Nut


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Feb 9, 2001
Shreveport, LA
1981 silver/blue: two tone
Ditto on Bud is the man!!! Thanks for all you do and a good time was had by all. By the way, how do I get these pics on here?


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Oct 13, 2000
Black 1980 LG4 / Crystal Red '08
Yo-da !! Yo-da !! Yo-da !!

Many Thanks for recognizing my great friend, the Yoda, the Budster, the KING of the L81VetteRegistry....Rare81. :BOW

For months, he was trying to get things like BBQ's, games, and other things lined up for all of us so there would be things to do aside from strolling around the Museum grounds.

A change in management at the Ramada created a lot of roadblocks that could not be overcome, but he still managed to put together the Thursday night get-together and that tasty prime rib feast. :upthumbs

It was a disappointment :cry that the venue wasn't condusive to peddling more of the 81 shirts/hats/mugs that were shipped out there, because, besides recovering some of the $$$ he has fronted...hint-hint. ;) ...so when you see another 81 out there, bring them into your fold and get them flying your colors. :_rock

You all have a Great site that you can be proud of, and an administrator that has a true passion for the car and the people that own them. His continuing efforts are tireless.

It was kind of our "mission" to see that our friends, new and used :SLAP ...er, I mean new and old, had a good time, and would drive away wanting to do it again someday.

Unfortuneately, Budster had the more laborious of the tasks, taking care of business, whilst the DawG was busy concocting "octane boosters" poolside. :drink

What took a year of waiting for, once again, passed too quickly, and the "Blender Games - Part Deux" won't come around soon enough.

DawG wants to thank all the CACers and L81ers for being just a helluva great group to hang with. You all made our weekend one of memories that will make that wait for the next "Family Reunion" even tougher.

Viva :CAC Viva L81VetteRegistry :J :beer :J

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