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I want to take this opportunity to thank everyone for the invaluable information and feedback that you all provide concerning the C5 corvette. I just recently rebuilt my headlight motors, replaced my fog light/hatch release switch, replaced the front cap (bumper) just to mention a few, and I couldn’t have done it without help from this site. I am proud to be a member of this forum and also a part of the Corvette community. It is really nice to get some insight from other people’s past experiences prior to tackling a job that I don’t have experience in. I do have a mechanical background, and I do as much of my own work as I can, and sometimes I just need to be pointed in the right direction.
I’ve had my Corvette for about two years now, I have ,like most of you ,wanted one since I was a kid. My father had a friend that bought and restored Corvettes for a living and on Saturday mornings we would go to his house and help out, and sometimes take one out for a ride around town ,so I was exposed to them at an early age. My father would often talk about buying a Corvette once us kids were grown and out of the house. My Dad didn’t get the chance to own a Corvette, he passed away Oct. 14th 2006 after a three year battle with cancer. So, the Corvette has a special meaning to me and I am thankful that I am able to own one and be a part of the Corvette following. I love the fact that we all wave at each other when we pass, my wife makes fun of me when that happens because I get so excited LOL!!:rotfl At first glance ,some of the people I’ve met think that I bought this car for status, early mid-life crisis, or to compensate for other things, but that is not the case , when I look out in the driveway and see that car sitting there it is a constant reminder of the memories I had with my father. I have been blessed with three boys, and ,of course, they think it is the coolest car on the face of the planet (which we all know is true) like I thought when I was a kid. So, the seed has been planted, as it was with me , my boys will own Corvettes one day! I really enjoy the fact that sometimes when I am at the store a family will come out and their kids will point and say ,look at that Corvette Dad and they will all come over and look at it and I will open the door and let them check it out and then I’ll rev it up for them ,they get a kick out of that, I love to be able to share that excitement with them. The Corvette is truly a world-class American made sports car, an American icon. It is an absolute pleasure to drive. Again, thank you all for your support and feedback.:thumb

Sincere Regards,


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Apr 22, 2006
San Diego
99 C5 Convertible
Corvette with it's good and bad points at the end is just a car. It's the care and passion it receives from owners such as yourself that makes it great and so appealing to others. For a lot of us getting the car is a fulfillment of a life long pursuit, I'm glad you had the opportunity to fulfill yours. Welcome to the brotherhood and keep the wave alive, regards Zig.
Feb 8, 2004
Southeast, PA
2003 50th Annversary Red coupe, beautiful !
Welcome, you and your Corvette are part of the brotherhood. I remember my first corvette experience, I was only 13, but I was walking with my father past the huge windows of a Chevrolet dealership on North Broad street in Philadelphia, and there was a brand New 63 split window corvette coupe in the silver/blueish color. I was transfixed ! Later as my dad draged me away I wished I had one. A few years later a buddy of mine had a older brother who worked at a garage and had two corvettes, a 1960 and a 1959. It was 1969 and i slowly got to know the older brother Mitch, the 59 had been wrecked and sat for awhile and Mitch finally got to work on it. The frame was Ok, but the front right fender and suspension needed work. Mitch was a great mechanic and I'd talk to him on and off and he'd bring me up to date on the 59, said he'd sell it soon. I asked how much and he said "Want'a look at it?" I jumped at the chance. we went out back and he pulled off the canvas cover. And their she was. a 1959 painted in not original matallic midnight blue with white coves, but the front left fender was in primer. It had a white interior and The removable hardtop was painted midnight blue also and I fell in love. We talked money and Mitch sold it to me two weeks later. He had it inspected, new tires and tuneup. A 283 with duel quads, 4 speed with a hurst shifter and a 4:11 rear. Blistering is al I can say about driving it home. I soon decided it was TOO fast. so i detuned it, I swapped the duel quads with a new manifold and a single Holly and changed out the 4:11 with a 3:56 so it would run on the highway without a problem. Thing was a joy to drive and I had it no more than a year and I got drafted. No where to store it so i sold it. Wish I had it today. Since then I've had five corvettes, still have an 84 and a 2003 50th AE coupe. Once you get the 'fever' it never leaves you. It's not a Porsche and it's not a Ferrari, we're something different. Corvettes are to me like airplanes. When you see yours sitting in the garage, gleaming with polish and just sitting there quietly it's a very moving feeling. i know how much it gives you to work on one. I totally restored a 1979 beige coupe and it had been a barn queen. six years later I won many trophys and a NCRS second flight award. There's just no other feeling. Some people own corvettes like a cavalier. there the folks who never wave and haven't a clue what the wave represents and never will. But to us, well . . .
Nov 11, 2001
SouthCentral Ontario
Good post, Casey.

I've had mine for 41 years. It's been a great "life long" trip..............much longer than just a midlife crisis. :D

The only longer relationship still in my life is my dear ol' Mom.

Save the :w


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Apr 25, 2008
2000 Torch Red Coupe
Well said!! Your Dad would be very proud of you! Welcome to the family!!


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Aug 11, 2007
2001 Navy Blue Metallic Coupe
:thumb :thumb :thumb

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