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The Frame Ordeal



I found a frame in north Houston from this cat that was parting out an 80 model and I gave him $200.00 and 3 true cuban cigars ! :cool I then got the new frame down to the hanger and stored it until I get back up here a buddy of mine will have it blasted and painted next week..

I am back on the coast down south for a few weeks *have to teach a shooting class* and see my chickie but plan to take a job in houston for a few months i.e. football season and work on the vet at that time,

I am still searching for a very cheep or free Big Block just the bottom end or block would do me since I plan to do a 496 stroker!:j

I wanted that 69 but dark vet made/helped me get in to this 77 for his ride looks good!! drive on dark vette..

Later days Bros:drink :drink :drink :drink


frame ordeal

I just blasted my '78 frame and now I'm repainting it.
It looks like new. I also got a hold on a used fuel tank from Canada. Also in new condition.

It's graet to have a project like a corvette restoration.

See ya,



frame build up

I left the frame in Houston and I hear that it is now clean and gloss black and ready for a tranny and engine, breaks, and all the under side stuff...see you guys in a few months when I get back up to Texas. I will keep you posted as to the 77 build up.


You must be anxious as heck, that would just eat at me:L :J

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