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the infamouse bose stereo...again


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Nov 22, 2001
colton, oregon, usa
'93 Black 6 Speed
Ok, I've had it with the in and out stereo reception of the bose - gotta get it fixed, it's driving me nuts. So I'm pretty sure it is the CDM box - as I don't have any crackling, hissing or any of the other common amp problems. The cd and tape deck both sound perfect. The stereo just fades in and out like it has bad reception all the time. Soooo, I've looked over the website carstereohelp.com and they seem to have pretty good experience. Looks like it is about $100 to have them fix it. The question is (finally) anyone know of a place a little closer to my Portland, Oregon location - to save on shipping and time ? Or has anyone used this place and recommend it so highly that I shouldn't go elsewhere ?? Thought, comments ?




Bose Stereo Fix


You might try a place called corvetteradios.com. The guys name is Al. I believe he is located in Milwaukee, Oregon. I may not have the city correct, but i know he is in NW Oregon. I checked out his website and it is very detailed. Supposedly been a GM tech. for over 27 years and can fix any Bose stereo. He bench tests each repaired unit 8-10 hours before it is sent back out. He even has detailed removal instructions for removing your unit and sending it to him. I plan to send mine to him when I can afford it. The CD player on mine doesn't work. I live near Seattle, WA so that's close enough for me.

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