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The Mystery engine.....Torn apart


Motor head!!!!
Feb 13, 2001
Valencia, CA,USA
88 Convert ( SOLD ) /1973 coupe 4 speed/1964 Vert!
Well I tore her apart today and found the following.. She was clean and recently rebuilt I'm guessing about less tham 5K ago ( running miles )

Any additional insight on parts ID's would be helpful..here we go...

Block casting
64-67 Camaro
327 small journal
2 bolt

Mains 2.29
Rod 1.98
4577 Forged
Con Rods GM markings but ???

30 on top of piston (I'm assuming 30 over)
Pistons single relief for valves, flat top, Looks cast an SJ in an oval symbol on inside of piston
Pins pressed into rod
Con rod nuts have little slits 1/2 way down

Double Hump
64 cc
No acc bolt holes in head
Big straight plugs

Drivers side
175 ( Jan 7th 1965)
Passinger?s side
1275 ( Dec 7th 1965)
62-66 Camaro/Corvette/Truck/Chevy II

Valve size
2.02 Face
1.60 Face
No overlap ( so I?m guessing next size down..it?s the seat area measurement right?)
Small press stud ( aircraft lockdown nuts)
Double spring

Cam unknown ( looks like big lift..have to measure need bits from work for that)
On back of stick c400 p
C-400-P specs as follows:
> Duration @ .050: 222 Int / 222 Exh
> Advertised Duration: 290 Int / 290 Exh
> Cam Lift: .298 Int / .298 Exh
> Gross Valve Lift: .447 Int / .447 Exh
> Center Line C/L: 110 Int / 118 Exh

Other cam markings cast CWC C3 EP1
GM timing gear Double gear chain drive
Number on gear face 3735412
Crank gear had 3 positions It was set @ 0

Edlebrock TM ?1 intake
Spacer/adaptor plate for carter

Carter Carb AFB competetion series

Stock distrib

Had orig Potatoe masher oil seperator in back of lifter valley.

At this point I could just have everything hot tanked & checked re painted & resealed and off I go.

the block has allen screws in the cam lube points ( I'm guessing top end oil restriction)

The front of the timing cover has 2 HUGH plumbing type caps in the block..it looks factory.

Well Vig, looks like you have an overbore 327. What I found on your heads is they were issued '64-'66 from a 327 & 62 cc chambers. Did you notice any port or bowl work done?
Was trying to figure your cam. Where is the # you found located? Are you refering to # being cast into cam? Usually behind cam timing gear is I.D. or P/N stamped.
Feels good knowing what you have now, doesn't it?! I know all too many of my cars have had 'mystery' engines. Sometimes it can be a bit-o-fun tracing things down! -Dave
Wish I could give you some more insight.

However, it sounds like you are on the right track. It will be very important to figure out what kind of cam you are playing with. If high lift, get the heads retrofitted with screw in studs to keep that thing alive on high revs. Just because it has double springs does not mean it is at the correct pressure for your cam specs.

You are at least 75% of the way to having a nice street small block. A 327 can make some nice hsp and push you down the road like a champ. It would be great if you could match it all up all the way down the drivetrain so that you can spin it nice and tight to get the most out of that shorter stroke.
Update 3/29

So the block is in getting
hot tanked
new cam bearings
new freeze plugs
and lightly re honed
the motor mount boss is getting a tiny crack rewelded & re tapped and a clean up cut on the top of the block.. super minor pitting on the top.. but what the hell while I'm here ...do it right!

Crank is getting magna fluxed & polished.

All the sheet metal is getting tanked & blasted,and the intake ( Edlebrock ) is getting blasted.

New stainless valves arrived today( 2.02 & 1.60) with the LT-1 springs.The Crane roller tip rockers are tommorow. Still making up my mind about new main studs & head bolts.

And not to mention all the fun new gaskets WOOO HOOO! ( Fel Pro)

I just couldn't go with the welded head
( for just plain chicken reasons )
They did a TREMENDOUS job Plasma welding with nickle and short of the slightly shinier finish it looks factory!

But the good news......
One of the counter guys at my local autoparts store had a pair of 461 heads.. which he sold to me for $50.00 with the orig tin rocker covers..... So I'm having one of em reworked so I'll have 100% clean GM factory heads. ( ok call me crazy)..and yeah I know I could of bought the edlebrock aluminum at this point! But I want an orig 65 engine.

So that's were things are for now.....
( OK not as impressive as Ken's or Chris's but fun for me!)

I don't care if it is a go cart. I am always impressed with anybody that takes on these kind of projects.

Sounds like you are getting there.
Well were 2 for 2

The springs were correct the valves we not!

The valves only have the single cutout for the keepers not the 2nd one for the valve guide seals DOH!

So back to the drawing board we go.

Now Crank question...

The rod journals on a small journal 327 crank should be what dimension?????

I see everything from 2.100 to 2.0 for standard size and for a ROD .1 is a LOT of slop

So what is it? And ( the bonus question)

HOW do you decode the bearing number

The ones that came out of the engine
One side is stamped CLEVITE 77
The other is 11 89(assuming the mfgr date)
then C 745 P (which measure an ID 1.9750)
Which makes sence for my 2.0000 rod journal .03 clearance

I bought STOCK"standard" bearings
One side is stamped CLEVITE 77
The other is 11 01
then CB 663 P
Then STD
(which measure an ID 2.0745)

Something is Fishy here! this is a .10 diff
Aren't bearing sizes .010/.020 etc???


327 SMALL Journal crank spec's

327 Crank specs
Rod Journal ( stock ) 1.999 to 2.000
Bearing Clearance .0007 to.0028

Rear Main Journal
2.297 to 2.299
Bearing clearance
.0001 to .0006

All others
Bearing clearance
.0008 to .0024

End Play
.003 to.01

So looks like I got 350 rod & main bearings

( Wait till I get my mitts on those guys!!!!!)

yes the cb663 is a large journal 350 rod bearing..they gave you the wrong one.sounds like your gone to have a nice motor there..i always liked 327,s had one in my 76 .
So today!

We were BAD

We spent money

New Valves/Springs/Hats/keepers/cam button/Screw in studs/ARP head & Main bolts

I recieved from a bud some Crane roller rockers.. in weird shape ( read post )

We de carboned the pistons( now @ machine shop) & cleaned ALL the funky hardware!

Kids make good helpers!

A pix of the head weld

What do ya think?
Found the Cam info


And you thought they just pumped oil

C-400-P specs as follows:
> Duration @ .050: 222 Int / 222 Exh
> Advertised Duration: 290 Int / 290 Exh
> Cam Lift: .298 Int / .298 Exh
> Gross Valve Lift: .447 Int / .447 Exh
> Center Line C/L: 110 Int / 118 Exh

A little closer everyday!


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