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I've just installed the stage ll chip and do notice quite a difference in performance BUT , I'm getting excessive ping on open throttle and even at 3/4 throttle. She's fine when I punch it at 70 or 80 (real fine) . I'm aware this unit recommends a 160 stat and I have it on order. Has anyone experienced this and will the 160 eliminate the problem. I always use a 93 octane so that's not an issue. Also, will driving with this problem short term cause any permenent damage.
By the way you're right, MY NECK IS KILLING ME!:bash
I did read through it but didn't see the issue I was having. I did take her out tonight ,It was cool in Fla. tonight and she ran like a champ. I also noticed my air filter cover was somewhat loose, I tightened it up, don't know if that contributed but I think when I get the 160 installed it'll work out.
I'm glad to hear that you are one of those that found they received a benefit from something they purchased with their hard-earned wages and felt a noticeable difference. :upthumbs

You mentioned the air filter cover; have you tried an opened-up lid and a K&N or other low restriction air filter from one of our listings in the Portal? The air filter/open box combo is guaranteed to give you a few extra ponies. ;)

I,ve got the K&N but not the box. I,ve been looking at air foil and different boxes. Members have posted both pros and cons.:confused
It's probably only a matter of time. And I,m still looking for that Shark:cool
Only so much $$$ to go around.
By the way, thanks to all for the help on the shark thing:w
Save yourself a few bucks by NOT purchasing the "air foil", it's not going to do you any good except at WOT and even that is only a marginal gain. ;)


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