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Tilt Steering column problem



I have a 78 L48 and am trying to find out if there is an easy way to tighten up the steering column on this car. It has recently started shifting a bit side to side, and I'm a little worried that the thing might fall apart while going down the road. It doesn't seem loose if I pull back on the wheel, but I can move it easily from side to side and up and down a bit (more side to side). Has anyone had this problem and how do I fix it? Thanks in advance



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Jul 3, 2001
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Get your shop manual, get the steering wheel tools, and tear into it. You will find at the main pivot point that the carrier bolts may just be loose. If so, bingo, you are back in business.

However the bushings/bearings may be shot. If so, they are replaceable. Start with the G.M. dealer for parts as needed.

Plan on having the car down for a whole week. One saturday to tear it down (take pictures, draw diagrams, set everything in order as it comes out to save you time later), and a week to hunt down parts as needed, and the next saturday to slap it back together.

Hey, if I can tear down the air bag and VATS equiped column on the 90 and rebuild the tilt joint, then anybody can do a C3 (did I mention it took me like seven tries to get it right:hb ?)


Cool, thanks. After I wrote this, I found the basic instructions in my book. I'm going to do this this weekend. My car's down for now since I put the fan through the radiator a couple of days ago. What fun that'll be. Thanks for the info!!


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