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Tilt & telescopic wheel


Sep 5, 2001
Clovis, CA
1971 Onterio Orange BB Covert
Does anyone know what the length of the telescopic wheel (from firewall to wheel) when it is closest to the dash? How does this compare to the standard column? I am thinking about changing over to tilt if it moves the wheel in closer to the dash.
Just measured mine...

With the tilt adjusted so it is "in-line" with the column, and measuring from the steering wheel spokes to the dash just under the instrument cluster:
10.5" fully retracted and 12" fully extended.
I drive with the wheel extended, but hubby likes it retracted.


I just bought a tilt tele for my 69, and have it on the shop floor. I re-installed the non tilt tele to finish out the paint process.

Send me a direct e-mail to remind me, and I can measure from the firewall back since I have all that open. Don't know if it is going to make a difference on measurements, but as far as I know the 71 and 78 columns are different (don't interchange). I think the 69 and 71 would be more alike, so if this number is different than Silver I will be able to let you know.

BTW, I gave up $450 for my tilt tele column. I know that is a lot of money, but it came with a correct steering wheel, ignition switch and key along with all the other levers and connections. So, other than repainting it black, I have nothing else to do to it. I have seen them range from $75 to $700 depending on the condition and model.


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