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Time to buy a lift! Which one/what type?

Yeah, I finally pulled the trigger. Local guy that a friend recommended installed a ProPark 8S four post. Should have done it years ago. I looked at BYB but they didn't install in NJ, plus the price was much higher.
I'm very happy with the lift they installed in a matter of hours.

We built the garage knowing we would install a lift. It has a 14' ceiling with a high lift garage door. Got the extra tall lift so I don't even have to duck.

Best of luck with yours!
BigBud, we should have had a higher ceiling put in when we built this house a few years ago. Instead I had the garage door tracks modified to go above the ceiling to give more headroom.

We had to use a side load motor with more power to handle the increased weight caused by higher door travel.
I have the same thing, works great so far but when the weather's bad and panels freeze together the motors slip and won't open the door.
Check out Challenger Lifts

Since you’re looking for an automotive lift, I’d recommend checking out Challenger Lifts. Above-ground automotive lifts are typically mounted or anchored to a concrete surface. Various styles of above-ground automotive lifts include two post, four post with runways, short rise and mid rise, scissor and moveable or mobile column.

Automotive Lifts - Automotive Lift - Challenger Lifts
You only need one drop to realize that a good lift is the only way to go.
BYB is American made, not sure of the others, but I understand they
use steel from China. Let's keep jobs here in America.
I have been using my Backyard Buddy lift for a couple of months now. Excellent ease of operation, quite and a great locking system.
No problems at all. :w
I fabricated some 2x4's to have the 1959 Corvette stop where I want.
BYB well worth the cost.

Yes the Backyard Buddy lifts are priced higher, but they are of the highest quality.

With a vehicle on the lift it is VERY stable.

Other lifts that I tested can be made to sway quite a bit, which is damn scary.

And those locks on the BYB at all four corners are second to none.

Well worth the extra money. I was so impressed, I purchased my second BYB 5-years afterthe first.

Custom heights are available. They will custom cut the incremental height notches if you require that.

And no, I don't work for nor do I even know anyone at BYB.
I have a 7,000 lb four poster from Direct Lift. It fit my needs perfectly, was affordable, easy to assemble and is a nice stable lift.

Backyard Buddy lift, epoxy painted floor. :w

2012 Corvette Grand Sport on top, 1962 Corvette Restomod on the floor


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I bought an Eagle four post years back. It was a bit shakey all the way up and painted advertised as powder coated. They offered a cash rebate but I sent it back. For the price I didn't feel it was the quality I had anticipated. I bought another brand similar in construction for half the price. It works well but I am on the trail of a two post. My ceiling is 12'6", no worry there and concrete is 6+ inches thick.
Backyard Buddy lift, epoxy painted floor. :w

2012 Corvette Grand Sport on top, 1962 Corvette Restomod on the floor

Is that what they mean by dream car garage ? Looks like the interior of a hospital. I could never be that uncluttered.
I'm impressed to say the least !
this is my lift set-up, Double 2 park is the maker but I know they are out of business. I guess my point is, make sure you buy a lift that is made in America. there are some china made lifts for discounted prices that are nothing but a death trap....


This is the kind of info I'm seeking... No, the slab has not been poured yet.

I'm in Florida, so I'm not worried about temperature at least.

Still haven't decided on 2-post or 4-post... I like the convenience/stability of the 4-post, but also like the easy wheel access of 2-post...
I really don't think you would like a 2 post lift. The car is too low and they are a pain in the butt to swing the arms to right position. Don't forget where the weight is too. I had a custom 4 post lift made over 20 years ago and it is a dream to deal with. I have a car and 1/2 wide (14') garage so I had the lift made so the posts are against the walls, they are always out of the way. I also had the cross beams made from, 2" x 6 " box tube because of the extra width. it is also 6'-2" clear to the bottom of the cross beams so I don't knob my head on them! I added 4" x 1/4" aluminum angle to the outer runners and ramps so I have a variety tread widths it will handle. The other thing I did was having the drive up ramps longer because of the increased floor height and I have them on heavy duty hinges with stop locks so they stay with the lift and I can leave them down or lock them in the up position. The garage is 35' deep and the section where the lift is has a 15' inside height. Here's a few older shots but you can see a lotwhat I did.


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I had forgotten about this thread … 14 years in and I still have and love my ProPark 8s. I did have to have cylinder rebuilt as the seals started seeping. That was about 6 or 7 years in, and the problem was brought on by myself, by leaving the load on the cylinder, instead of letting it down on the stops. For my “cheap” Chinese lift, I’m tickled with my service.

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