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Timing a supercharged 350



I had an opportunity to install an aftermarket distributor, and I did. Pulled the old one out and dropped the new one in. I did all the correct things to insure that the new one dropped in just the way the old one came out. My question is, how do I time the car? Is it according to the factory specs or is there another formula out there. Car starts fine, has a small flat spot when I goose the throttle when cold. Also, there is a noticable flat spot when I jump on it in 3 or 4 gear. I realize this all may be due to incorrect timing and carb misadjustment since the new distributor went in. Any suggestions or advice appreciated.
I have no idea but I'd sure like to see a picture of that supercharged motor. :D
I would imagine your supercharger company has a base line of timing they suggest.

If so, get an adjustable timing light. Warm the car, then in park or neutral have an assistant bring the idle speed up to the peak timing mark as suggested by the sc manufacturer. The adjustable lights are cool, because you set the gun on the desired timing, then keep slowly and gently turning the distributor until you see the balancer line up to zero on the timing mark.

Since you did this swap, your replacement may have different springs, weights, etc so it may curve out different. Since you are running a sc, you need to spend some time researching this and getting the exact components. I would suggest sending it to a higher performance tuner to have the curve it for you on a machine to the specs of you cam, carb size, supercharger specs, and compression ratio. This may get that bog out of it.

Yes, I would also like to see some pics. I love custom vettes.

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