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Tips on car being repainted



I am looking at getting my bright red 86 painted over the winter any tips, what to ask the body shop and what is considered a fair price for a good quality paint job. Thanks in advance.




By all means, seek out someone that has done fiberglass paint and body work for a while. Ask about what type of paint he is using( like PPG, etc). Ask why he thinks that's best. Ask to see pictures of his work and go over and look over the work in progress at his shop. and ask for references. Most good paint guys are very proud of their work (and rightly so--, there true artist) and will be glad to show you their finished product.
Lots of luck

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I think you can pay as much or as little as you want for a paint job. It all comes down to "you get what you pay for"! When we had our '74 repainted a year and a half ago, we visited several paint shops, talked to a lot of Corvette owners and asked every shop for a list of references. We chose one because we saw 4 Corvettes they had painted...all of them flawless. Our '74 was totally stripped and had a couple of relatively minor cracks repaired, had the front and rear bumpers and weatherstripping replaced...price was $5,000 and worth every penny!! We also bought separately all emblems and door handles which they installed. The car was in the shop for 5-1/2 months over the winter which was fine with us! This car has won 1st place in all shows but one since then (came in 2nd) and has taken Best of Class 4 times! You can't do that well with a cheap paint job!! Take a look at our Stingray on our site!

Good luck. Take your time, ask lots of questions, and most importantly, look at other Corvettes they've done...and talk to those owners!!

GS Diva aka Elaine


Burkes Corvette in Orlando, Florida, does an excellent work. He painted (actually disassembled and reaasembled ) 91 ZR-1 after a major wreck and 1990 BMW 735 ia. His price w/ stripping will probably be around $5,000. Best thing to do would be make an appointment in January, Drive down, drop the car off, rent a car and spend a week in Daytona.:J
Just a suggestion.

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