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Tire & Wheel order of cleaning



I've ordered the right cleaners and brushes, but wonder in what order I should separately clean the wheels and tires. I'm assuming that I should do things in the following order: (1) Scrub the tires with a product such as NXT Gen. Tire Cleaner, then rinse off. (2) Clean the alloy wheels with a product such as Meguiars All Wheel Cleaner, then rinse off. (3) Put tire dressing on the tires. (4) Put wax on the wheels.
Any thoughts?


Jan 17, 2004
1981 dark blue metallic
when I go to detail my vette or my P/U,the 1st thing I clean are the tires and wheels...I spray them with simple green and scrub them with a stiff brush and the come out looking GREAT!!!!!!:upthumbs
then I continue with the rest of the vehicle....
good luck!!!!!

Rat Race

Well-known member
Nov 18, 2005
North Jersey
I do the tires and wheels first, but with a different bucket than the rest of the car--

Depending on how much time i have, during summer before shows i take tires off car and clean the inside of the rim as well as the outside- I use a stiff brush on the tire to remove old dressing and then i use plain old armor all on the tires, i dont like high shine tires just a nice matte that AA brings out.

Always been in a funk about what to use on my 05's polished rims- I use Dawn to wash em, but how to protect? Arent you just polishing a clear coat?

Nonetheless i use meguires meatl polish, i put it on with a piece of foam so it dosent get everyehere, and remove it with damp Micro fiber to contain dust then dry to buff.

While the rims are off i usually scotch brite the suspension pieces and then spray them with wd40. Then i just AA the wheel wells. Sure it gonna all pick up dirt but that what happens when you drive em.

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