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tire wheel size



Was wonder if any one knows if a 255 50 16 tire will fit on a 7 in wide wheel? That is that would fit correctlly I should say. :s
Seems like an awful wide tire on such a narrow wheel, to me.............Steve
Even if you can get it to fit, that tire sure is going to protrude out from the wheel by a lot!


80convertible said:
Even if you can get it to fit, that tire sure is going to protrude out from the wheel by a lot!
Jim couldn't be more correct. When I had my five new Firestone Firehawk SS20's put on I assumed all five of my wheels were the stock 15x8 rims. When I got home I put one in the spare well and started mounting the other four and one seemed to be kinda bulging:eek. I figured maybe it was underinflated or something but thought it was strange that it bulged all the way around:confused. I went ahead and put the center caps and trim rings on. The last trim ring wouldn't fit - that's when I realized that wheel had been my spare and it was a 15x7.5 rim so I had to swap the spare:mad. I still haven't decided what to do. I'll either order another 15x8 rim or I'll order one narrower tire and make it a spare-only.

BTW - The bulge was very noticeable and the tire is only 225-70-15 on 15x7.5. Good luck!
Thanks for the information Friend of friend wrecked his 92 vette and had new goodyears on it was going to get them for a good price, too bad on both counts. SO what would be a good size for a 7 in wide wheel. I am sue the tire guy could tell me but I am not planning to put the new wheels on the car to i rebuild the suspension next month.
I just purchased and mounted 16x8 torq thrust II's with Kuhmo 245-50-16s in the front and 255-50-16's in the rear. The 245's look like the perfect fit, very little sidewall protruding past the rim. The 255's look ok but about at the limit as far as I'm concerned for optimal tire perfromance as designed. They also are just even with the fender lips, any wider and I'd have to get some fender flares.

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