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Too Hot Vette


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May 18, 2001
1977 Buckskin
I live out here in the HOT Central California sun.
I was at a car show a few weeks ago, and there was a rep. from "Kool Mat".
The product looks like it would keep the heat out of the floor boards.
Has anyone used the Kool Mats, and what do you think?
Worth the MONEY!
I'll be interested in hearing about Kool Mat, also! The floor on the 74 gets incredibly hot!!
I was able to eliminate a lot of the cockpit heat in my 74 by putting manual shutoff valves in both of the heater hoses.

Mike :w

My husband did that to our 79 and then left to go to Knoxville with our local corvette shop owner for corvette expo, in October of 91 (I think). It was the year that the blizzard hit corvette expo and shut down the interstate in TN. Larry got snowed in, in TN for 9 days. He forgot to tell me that there was a shut off valve on my daily driver. :( 2 days before he got home I finally went by the corvette shop, there was only 1 mechanic there because the owner had almost everyone with him, to help transport cars to the expo. It was very cold here in Texas too, by this time the cold front had hit here. The mechanic said this is a "Mike Flash built car, there's a I'll bet there's a shut off valve on the heater hoses, pop the hood." I did. He turned the valve and I had heat almost instantly. I'd been driving around for 2 hours in the car without heat, that day. I wasn't happy! Moral of the story, if you put the shut off valve on the vette be sure and let the spouse know. :) :w

I can only guess what would have happened to Larry, if he had been within arms reach. :D
Since I am not married, it's really not an issue for me.

Mike :w
Kool Mat

Kool Mat and similar products are gaining wide use on hot rods to insulate and quiet the interior. Also I have seen custom fit kits in the Corvette parts catalogs. The technology came from the space program and gained wide acdceptance in NASCAR, pioneered by Rusty Wallace, and other forms of racing where the drivers feet were actually being burnt from heat coming throught the floor. They are very effective and I plan on using it in the '59. About all I can remember about driving that car 30 years ago was how hot it got.

When I switched to sidepipes I couldn't believe the reduction in interior heat, now I just have to be carefull when I wear shorts.
Also make sure your shifter boot is intact.
Thanks everyone. I think I might give it a try. Have to wait for it to get out of the paint shop first.

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