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Took the 88 Callaway


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Jan 2, 2003
(2) Callaway's (2) ZR1 (1) supercharged 35th
out for a spin today. We finally got a beautiful day today. So I couldn't resist. I took my 88 Callaway, and Ultra took his 90 ZR1.

We ran into a few other vettes:bu :naughty: then later a couple of Harleys:grinshot

What A RUSH:gap
Yeah I took mine out for a little spin yesterday. It was definetly nice to go for a drive. I wish mine was a Callaway that would definetly be thrilling :D
Not fast enough :D There was a bit a traffic, but we managed what we could:gap

The funny thing was, since I was in the non Aerobody 88 Callaway with the top down, and Ultra was with his ZR1 and louder exhaust, he was the one getting challenged by the other cars. Once they would hit it, the Callaway would soon fly past them from way behind. It was so damn funny, you had to be there;LOL Later the poor unsuspecting victim...oops... er.. driver would have this stupid look on thier faces:confused The vert non Aero body is the ultimate sleeper, it idles smooth, very quiet, and by the time they realize what happened, it's tooooooo late:L

I went to bed with a big :D
I love crushing people in my stock bodied B2k :D Nice work Sam.
Thanks Josh :beer

The Aerobody gives it away everytime, it looks like it's going 200 mph even when it's parked:D

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