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I gotta crack in my top! Not meaning my brain is spilling out :) I have an 86 coupe and would love to have a hard top. I hate the acryllic tops, Texas heat is a mutha. The other day is was so hot in the car I thought I saw the devil himself close the garage door behind me...rofl. Then and again it could have been the mother-in-law, but be that as it may, can anyone tell me if they make hard top replacements for an 86 and if so where I can find one. If they didn't is it possible to get a later model and adapt it to fit. Appreciate the help!

P.S. I found out later it was the Devil I saw. The wife told me her mom was still in Jersey and wasn't coming until next week. That leaves me 5 days to find a good priest, (which is really gonna be a trick nowadays)...rofl maybe I'll check around the courthouse......lol.........wooooooooo gotta love life in spite of it all. ROFL..Oh my side is killing me!

Yall be good!

Jun 20, 2002
Tallahassee, FL
none right now :(
I would try a corvette salvage yard... you may find one that matches your paint already or a black one, which would look like the clear top.... There are a bunch in Corvette trader, one that i know of that has fair prices is called Coastal Corvette, they have a small text ad in the back of the book... the number should have a 321 area code

the newer tops can be retro-fitted with new front bolt mounts... from what i hear it is a real PITA, and not worth it... you are better off keeping the same 'edition' top you have now... i think there are 3 different bolt patterns for C4's
Jun 24, 2002
1996 Torch Red LT4
When I had my 85 I bought a used top off of Ebay for $400. The top was like new. It was off of an 89 but hardly used. It cost me $150 to paint to match my car and $100 for the parts to change my car so that the top would fit. It really was not hard and only took about 2 hrs. including all of the adjustments. All together it was $650 and new tops are like 12-$1300. It will be hard to find one for an 86 because most are broken by now. I think they changed tops halfway through in 86. If you find one that is the right color you can do it even cheaper. Good Luck, Guy
Oct 30, 2001
Glen Burnie, MD, USA
1986 Bright Red Coupe
Try these guys - <http://www.corvettetops.com/>. They trade in clear and painted tops for C3-C5 vettes. Haven't bought from them but have talked with them. They should be able to give you an allowance on your broken acrylic top as well.

BTW - yes, they did make solid roofs for 86. Mine came with one of each. And no, I'm not selling it :)


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