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tops off



This past saturday i took off my t-tops and decided to drive to salt lake city to do some things...this was the first time i had the t-tops off while driving on thee freeway..I learned quickly to put the windows up as not to get blown away. I had a 2000 corvette come up behind me and was gone in a flash, he must have been doing 200mph plus. All i saw was enough to know it was a 2000 corvette, this kind of behavior makes other people think all corvette owners act this way , but we don't , so next time you want to exceed the speed limit like this, do us all a favor and don't


CSCARLSON, that does sound stupid (the 200+mph). I know I get "the urge" every once in awhile, but then I read something like the following and it really sobers me up:

Drag racers spin out of control, kill 2 on popular strip for racing
The Associated Press
6/25/01 9:04 AM

OCEANSIDE, N.Y. (AP) -- The street where a pair of drag-racing sports cars careened out of control, killing two people, is a popular spot for racing, residents say.

Sunday's wreck left the cars unrecognizable twisted lumps of metal, with debris strewn along the roadway.

Residents in this Long Island suburb said racing, and wrecks, were common on that strip of road.

"It's known for racing," resident Stu Nagel said. "Almost every week, there's an accident."

Witnesses told police that the drivers of a Lamborghini and a Corvette were speeding and weaving in and out of traffic for several blocks before the Lamborghini smashed head-on into a Volvo.

Killed in the crash were Michael Vasapolli, 30, who was driving the 2001 Lamborghini, and the Volvo's driver, Glenn Jacofsky, 43.

The Corvette, which had a vanity plate that read, "LOV2XLR8" (Love to Accelerate), lost control and hit a parked school bus, police said. Its driver, Kevin Hart, 27, was treated for minor injuries. He was charged with two counts of manslaughter, police said.

According to police, Vasapolli crossed into the northbound lanes to pass a Cadillac, but could not get back into the southbound side fast enough to avoid hitting Jacofsky.

Jacofsky's wife, Amy Jacofsky, and Vasapolli's wife, Karen Mauro, were both taken to hospitals with injuries that were described as non-life-threatening.

I can't imagine what Mr. Hart must be feeling right about now... Drive safely everyone!


I just got home and turned on the television and saw the story you spoke of and it showed the corvette. I think all of us get the urge to show off our corvettes within reason and it makes me sick to see a corvette torn up like that one was. I know I baby mine most of the time and i take great care of mine and it's one of my children persay,,,,



Well, am really sorry to hear that story about the corvette and the stupid owner.

I was always tempted to just speed...........alittle. But after going to auto-x and speed events, I found out that the highway and streets are not to be used for fun. I now drive the limit and am very happy to do so. Especially with the tops off.

As for having the windows up...................I know where you are coming from. but on a winding road in the mountains the windows must be down.




Hubby picked up the 78 eleven years ago on a 3-day weekend and drove all weekend with the tops off...and no hat. Sun poisoning BIG TIME! Wear a hat, bandana, golf visor or sun screen for those sunny, topless days!

Carlson, I agree with you about a few drivers making all look bad. I go out of my way to be conscientious and polite. People may not always remember the conscientious and polite drivers, but many will remember a Corvette, and I make sure that all my time (daily driver) behind the wheel is pleasant for everyone. For me while driving, and for them while looking! I wish for any public associations with my car to be good ones.



I think one thing to keep in mind is the conditions under which people are exceeding the speed limit. While driving fast does increase risk for injury it is not simply the speed that poses the danger. In the news story we see two people being extremely wreckless with their cars. If this same 'race' had occured on an empty stretch of road in the desert it most likely would not have resulted in an accident. I have exceeded the speed limit a few times with my vette but it was done on the freeway when I could see no cars or on/off ramps ahead for several miles. A brief blast up to 130 when you have the road to yourself is exhilarating, swerving thru heavy traffic at ANY speed is stupid.


2 Fast

Here Here, I totally agree. I was at a car show a few weeks back talkin' to a fellow vetter, and he was bragging on how he was racing this other vette and they got it up to 140. They were doing this on a road that is known for major accidents that usually wind up with one or two fatalities.

Stupid people do stupid things.:(


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Nov 2, 2000
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I must say that I am probably more guilty of street racing than a lot of people, but I saw the story Barb mentioned on TV also. Made me think. That and my girlfriends incesent nagging to slow down :) has convinced me to behave my self more.



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Feb 27, 2001
Washington, MO.
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cscarlson, if you enjoy cruising with your tops off but don't like the wind I would suggest getting a "windjammer" thru Mid America. They sell for about 125.00 and definitly help. I have one for my 81 and at 70 mph with the windows up and the "windjammer" in place you'll barely mess up your hair -- and I'm 6' 4" Some of the best money I spent, because it doesn't mess up the wifes hair when ever she happens to go somewhere with me -- and if shes happy -- I'm happy. Something to think about:) Just my .02 worth

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