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Toyo RA-1 Racing Tires



I've been trying to find something to put on my car, since it's tuning and final setup. I've bounced back and forth between Michelin Pilot Sport PS2s at all four corners for the street and BF Goodrich Drag Radials for the rear while at the track. I need something with LOTS O' GRIP. I talked with a tire dealer in the local area who sponsors quite a few racing events. He suggested I try the Toyo RA-1 in 305-35R18 at the rear and 275-40R17 at the front as a matched set. He stated they are a road racing tire and have the same adhesion as the drag radial when properly heated up AND they have better street "stick and cornering" than the Michelins. I checked them out at Toyo's website. They seem like they might do the trick. Anyone out there have any experience with Toyos on their Vette?



Sep 23, 2005
Southern California
2002 Millenium Yellow Z06

I can't help you specifically with RA-1's on a Z06, because mine has PS2's. But, I've run through several sets of RA-1's on my Porsche 911 and love the tire. There are some local Z06 autocrossers who race with Kuhmo's and use Toyo RA-1's as their street tires. Don't expect great wear though, especially with the Z06 suspension settings because the treadwear rating is 100, as opposed to 220 for the PS2's. I got about 80-90 autocross laps and 1,000 street miles with my last set of RA-1's on my Porsche, but I drive it pretty hard.

The Toyo RA-1's, without shaved tread, can be driven in the wet because they are actually used as race tires in the rain. If you don't drive in the wet, the tires can be swapped from side to side to help even out the wear because other than the direction of the water tread, they can be rotated in either direction. The best grip is reached up around 180 degrees tread temperature, but you won't get anywhere near that for normal street driving. One good thing, the more they wear down the better they grip. Some say the best grip is right before they cord, but I've never taken mine down that far.

Maybe some Z06 drivers using RA-1's will chime in.



Good info. I appreciate the feedback. The dealer stated I "might" see 6 or
8K out of them depending upon how they're used. Since this isn't my daily driver, I can live with that. Again, thanks for the input.

Anyone tried the Toyo RA-1s and ANY of their vehicles or know of someone who has?


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