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Trailing arm...down and out


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Jul 5, 2001
Sydney Australia
1977 Yellow Coupe
I know you've all seen a trailing arm before, but I just wanted to get a reference shot of what it looks like now that it's just been removed and what it'll look like after I've given it the magic Brutus touch....Sharkman knows what that's like.:eyerole


I must say that other than the absolute frustration of trying to install the power brake booster myself, the number one must bothersome project on my car was rebuilding the trailing arms. I at least make the first attempt of doing any and everything myself where I am able to get my hands on the tools.

I bought the offset arms, then all new bearings, seals, etc. There have been several threads on this, so I won't go into detail other than to say that I believe I got it right (setting up the axles), but really won't know for sure until I hit the open road. It leaves that trace of doubt in my mind. Although I am blowing unGodly amounts of money on this car, I also try to save every penny possible. The trailing arm build was one of those areas that I did save quite a few bucks, but put a few extra grey hairs on my head in the meantime.

Do you know how tough it is to measure .008 or .003 on those assemblies? Maybe you will find out soon. The trick is, I set mine up with a dummy axle. However, when you put the real deal together the seals and what not tighten it all up as well.

I am keeping my fingers crossed.

Good luck.
rebuild or not

Sending the t/a's out to be rebuilt is not really an option over here ,same as finding a dummy axle to play with. Corvettes and their parts are not exactly thick on the ground here. I suppose there are places that could handle it, but I'm stubborn enough to want to attempt it myself.
I know that getting the bearings done can be handled between myself and another guy from our club. I have struck a problem with getting the rest of the bearing shaft and strut bracket apart but that will probably be overcome when I find a bigger puller. I suppose a 4 jaw puller is needed to get this done.
Anyhow onward and upward.
I'll keep you guys posted as I progress.

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