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trip to the local chevy dealer



i had a fun trip today.

my dad drives a massive dodge 3500 4WD diesel dually. this truck is just HUGE. So i threw on my nicest cowboy hat, took the keys and drove down the street to Vandergriff Chevrolet.
well, i'm not particularly fond of Vandergriff "fourth largest chevy dealership on earth" Chevrolet. about 6 months ago i was in the market for a ZO6, before i opted for my beloved C3.
well, that was a choice of desire. it had nothing to do with my ability to buy. well, i was dissapointed in vandergriff because in my past experiences their salespeople jump on you like sharks. when i was ZO6 shopping, i was completely ignored. here i was. a man looking to purchase a $52K (before markup) sports car, and not one salesman to aid me. so i left.
well back to today's story. i drove up to the lot, and had 2 men approaching with my diesel still turning. so as soon as i got out, i took the handshakes in stride and skipped the introductions. i got straight to business. i wanted to see their 50th anniversary. didn't want to buy it just wanted to see it and inspect it and look at every finest detail it had. and i got to. they took me inside where it was roped off. pulled out the red carpet (sorry, that was my imagination) well i did get to sit in it. they said i was the first customer allowed to sit in it. i think it helped that i knew more about it than they did. they took me very seriously, showed me respect, and even sucked up a bit. almost like they could smell the green in my wallet (which wasn't even there by the way).
well, needless to say, it was beautiful. it was everything i expected. prolly even worth the $60k after mark-up. but after getting a feel for her. i have no doubt inside that i will keep saving for a C6.
for those of you getting a 50th. i say enjoy. it's beautiful. it's already a classic.


Thanks for the story, 1(if I may be so bold) Car salesmen seem to be quick to judge by how you look. I am sure there are lost sales with that attitude.

By the way I picked up my 50th AE from the museum on 8/12 and could not agree more with you about how great looking it is. In the sunlite the color is great.

Good luck on waiting for the C6. Hope it will be all you wanted.


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