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True dual (off road) exhaust



In the search for more horsepower I installed Mid America's off road exhaust which eliminates the pre-cats and converter. I finished it off with a set of Flowmasters. Since this point I have lost alot of low end torque. Argueably the car is slower than when I started. I increased fuel pressure to help offset the apparent lean conditions. It helped only marginally. It was recommended that a universal three wire heated oxygen sensor be used due to the lack of heat without the converter. Any suggestions on the validity of this statement. I have installed a prom chip from SLP, under-drive pulleys, and have removed the air pump. It still GTECH's low to mid 14s (at 5200 ft elevation). Running without the exhaust netted similar results. I am open to suggestions. There do not appear to be knowledgeable Tuned Port mechanics in this part of the world.
Sorry you are not getting the performance you desire out of your car. The truth is, that other than a wicked sound, the "off road" exhaust nets very little hsp and causes you to lose about the same amount of torque.

You should notice that the engine revs a little easier and higher. The sound is pretty nice as well.

I would like to give you some suggestions, but I am not sure what you are asking for in the post. It sounds like your car is stock except for some minor bolt on items and adjustments. Mid 14 seconds would be about right at that level of mods. You will have to get into the motor, add Nos, headers, or revamp the intake to see another second or so out of it.

Like my wife use to tell me when I was jacking up my 85 vette, "just spend another $1,000 and maybe you will get another tenth". It gets expensive from here.
You could possibly replace the exhaust tips with Monza resonators. These aren't going to quiet the car at all, but will give you just a touch more back pressure for torque than you have now


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