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TRW vs. Vette Brakes



I know, I know, I already ordered the Vette Brakes composite spring. However, does anybody have any information on the pro's and con's between the VBP and TRW composite springs. I just got the Muskegon catalog and they advertise the TRW composite spring for the same price as the VBP composite spring. From the pictures, the TRW spring looks a bit stronger, but that's just from the pic's.

Also, since I plan to put one on in the next few week, does anyone know if the stock shocks will pose any problem?
Can't help you with the TRW thing, but I would suggest you call VB&P and speak direct to Gary. He knows his stuff, and won't try to push anything on you. He will give you a straight answer on the shocks. I would guess that there may be some benefit to changing them to a different style. They package and sell a special Bilstein that comes straight from Germany.

Let us know what he says.
I personally would stay with a metal spring.

The 7 leaf.

Well, I would have to agree with Chris and Tim, Gary definatly knows he's stuff about Corvette Suspensions. And I would stick with the steel springs, as Tim said................Those new fangled things just scare the puddin' out of me. I know they are supposed to be the next best thing to .............well you know what but, I just can't get past the fact, that you, along with a 3400lbs car, are going down the road at 70 + MPH on a piece of plastic. I'm not knock'n 'em, I'm just sayin' they scare me:eek...........Steve
All of the new Vettes, beginning with the C4, came with composite springs, didn't they Steve? ;)

_ken :w
Yea, And you thought the only reason I have never had a vette newer then 1980 was 'cause I couldn't afford it..............ooohhh they scare me.:D Actually Ken, The original GM ones don't scare me sooo bad, because I believe in the General, and I am sure he has done alot of R & D on them, it's those 2 inch wide ones that bothers me..........Steve
It actually scarse me too. There is a big difference between the stock C4 spring and the aftermarket C3 spring. Especially considering the big block.

As much as my mind tells me that it is not possible for that little thing to hold the car, there are plenty of them running around that have it...................so ?

It is not for everybody.
Since I posted this, I have made numerous calls on this issue. The difference between the TRW and VB spring seem to be very negligible. The TRW unit that has been adapted for the C3 is from the C4. The stock unit is not a GM product, but is made by TRW. Of course there has to be something said for the VB unit as they have been making and selling them for a long time. Hey, never the one for caution, I will throw it to the wind and let you know if it breaks. Of course, I wont be throwing the stock spring away.;)

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