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Turbo housing bolt torque?


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Jan 7, 2003
Scottsdale, AZ
I just discovered that the Speedster had the nerve to drip some oil on the hood of my '63. Of course it managed to drip through about a 1" gap in the drip trays on the lift. :mad Upon closer inspection, I think the oil was seeping from around one the bolts that looks like it bolts the turbo housing together (there are a series of bolts around the perimeter, some are hex head, others appear to be allen-head) I can't tell for sure, but this bolt had a drop of oil hanging from it, it looked like it had backed out slightly and, when so I put a wrench on it, sure enough, it was a little loose.

Does anybody have the torque spec for those bolts? I hate to go cranking on a bolt without knowing how tight it should be. I can post a pic if my description isn't very good. Thanks in advance.


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Feb 18, 2002
Jon, I meant to ask Mike this weekend about that - ;help

On Monday, call the shop and ask Joanne if she could check with Wayne about that. I am certain he would know the answer for this, as Wayne is a walking encyclopedia of things such as this :cool

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