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turbo's ?

Mar 18, 2002
Westchester,New York
1989 Callaway Twin Turbo Aerobody Coupe
Can someone give me the exact model number and specs of the callaway turbo.I here it is a T04 but there are so many can some be more specific. Thanks
They're the Rotomaster T04B's if I'm not mistaking. Wastegates are rotomaster too!

Who did the intercoolers? Spearco??

I have experimental Callaway intercoolers w/ carbon end tanks and they're from their "the speiss" project. They're german made but I'm not sure by who, either Langer& Reich or Behr, both from Stuttgart.

Does anyone know?


I don't think Rotomaster T04B gives the whole picture. There are still many variations. I can try to pull some numbers off the spare I have... I'm not sure that they would be consistent with all '88-'91 turbos that were installed or if they could have changed through the production cycle.

Interesting intercoolers by the way! I wonder how well the carbon end tanks work as opposed to the stock aluminum ones.
Yeah, there are indeed many variations like VII, Y, and so on.

The difference is in the compressor & turbine housing. The higher perf. ones have a turbine housing w/ 2 slots instead of one. The main difference is in the AR indication.

I'm not sure how much better or worse the carbon tanks are.
One thing is that it's possible to remove the tanks and position them the other ay around. Also, the units are very light but the savings over aluminium are probably minimal.

It's probably more about looks than anything else.

Model Number

Callaway for Fun,

Here is the model number you wanted:



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