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Twin turbo: best launch for acceleration runs???


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Jul 6, 2002
Essex, UK
1996 LT-4 Z51 CE
Anyone got any tips for the best launch off the line? Either I leave too gently and momentarily bog down or I use too many revs and light up the tyres.

Once I change into second the car just leaps forward like a Saturn 5. In fact the car seems much more impressive in second than in first (???!!!). What am I doing wrong? I haven't been brave enough to drop the clutch at 3000 rpm yet, though I suspect this might be the thing to do!(?)



I do well at about 2500 RPM. 3000 RPM will let me sit there burning rubber.



I'm not sure there is a real good way to launch a TT with a manual transmission. I agree with Luigi that around a 2500rpm launch is about all the tires can take. You need to try to get the turbos to start to spool and then feed it gas while you slip the clutch a bit until you get out of the hole.

I never really try to get maximum acceleration from a dead start. It's not what the car is designed for and it's hard on parts. But if you must, the above should work fairly well.

I much prefer to leave the line gently and then hammer it. With that much power on tap you should crush most of the competition once rolling even if they beat you out of the hole.

Stan A

Bad Move!!!

This maybe a repeat but dead line starts usually end up with three things occuring. Two of them can be very costly.

We once launched the Callaway Registry car in 2nd gear. Keep in mind that we had 800ft-lbs of torque on tap which helped. Also a 3.73 rear axle setup. Results were a 0-60mph at 3.66 seconds using the Vericom Pro "real time" computer. Bad part was the rear tires told a real bad beating.

You may want to try this with 1989 or later TT as they will atleast support a 3.33 or 3.45 rear axle. Rev to 3000-3200rpm. A warning.... you still could damage something.

Personally, I like rolling runs betters..


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