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U.K owner coming to Tennessee on Sat. Any good Vette Parts stores?



Hi Guys, I'm flying in to Tennessee on Saturday evening and staying for a couple of weeks.We will be based at Morristown and wondered if there are any good vette parts suppliers in the area.

VettePaul Did You say this saturday??

if it is June 30th.. You can catch the Rendezvous Banquet... :D
I just happen to have an extra ticket.. :D
Check out L81VetteRegistry for more details about the Events..

Vette/Paul, The only one that I know of is, a little North(Missouri):Roll Hope you have a good trip and enjoy your stay............Steve
Rare81, How long is the Rendezvous Banquet on for. We don't actually arrive till late Sat. night?
And thanks a lot ssvett, I don't know how far Missouri is. Are we talking too far?
Thanks again, VettePaul.;)
I live in Indiana... and I myself and looking for a good place to buy some parts.

I need a front bumper cover..

and I have this catalog from the "Chicago Corvette" in.. umm Chicago.. heh but for a front bumper for a 73' they want way over $500... and my uncle said he got quoted from someone awhile back for $250.... so I need to look around..

Does anyone know of some good websites.. :)
Volunteer Products

Yes, if you have the chance, go to Volunteer products. I use them for a lot of my supplies, and they are a good bunch of people. If you go there tell Adam, Brian, and Sharon I said Hi........Steve

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